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16 -18 June 2015, ExCeL London

Internet World 2014

plentymarkets 5.1

28 May 2014
plentymarkets 5.1

The new plentymarkets version 5.1 is ready for the beta phase.

The most important new features

We made improvements to several details within the system and we completely redesigned the following areas in order to meet the growing needs of this industry:


Content pages and item categories were combined into one central area. This gives you the full range of possibilities in both areas. We also made improvements to the way that category content is displayed and the sitemap is generated: Your SEO agency will be pleased!


The Layout menu was replaced by the new CMS menu. This area provides you with greater possibilities for creating the store design of your dreams. We standardized the wildcard characters and created new possibilities for displaying content. You now have access to the entire HTML structure and can more easily integrate technology such as Bootstrap (responsive web design).


It will be much easier to manage listings and auctions in the future with completely redesigned format templates. We have redone the Listings menu so that you can sell your items on various eBay markets more easily. Event procedures were also added for listings. This makes it easier to work with the dispute process, for example.


Improvements were made to the way that items are exported to Amazon. The improvements were made to all of the common Amazon categories. You can now list your items on all of the integrated Amazon markets and in all categories.


The plentymarkets PDF printer creates all of your PDF documents (such as invoices, credit notes and pick lists).  This module was redone so that you can also print Unicode characters. This is important if you want to ship your items to countries like Russia that use a different character set.

We will soon publish a complete changelog.