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16 -18 June 2015, ExCeL London

Internet World 2014

"Breakthrough in Jewellery Photography" The Jeweller / Automated product photography beats the e-commerce markets worldwidely

30 May 2014
"Breakthrough in Jewellery Photography" The Jeweller / Automated product photography beats the e-commerce markets worldwidely


Responsible person:

Dawid Prymas / Marketing & PR Director /Spokesman                                                                

dawid.prymas@orbitvu.com  / + 48 505 028 558                                                 




Breakthrough in jewellery photography


ORBITVU, the global leader of automatic product photography and technologies of online product experience has created ALPHASHOT MICRO - the world`s first automatic 2D & 360° photo studio for professional jewellery photography.


Patent pending ALPHASHOT MICRO is the only solution for jewellery photography which makes it possible to create the highest quality pack shots and 360° views of jewellery by anyone. The most important thing to know is photographic skills and knowledge are not needed, making it perfect for non-professional users.

Previoulsy, on the global market, there was not a solution that allowed you to get professional results without taking into account the specificity of jewellery photography, it just did not exist.


MICRO is the world's only solution that offers the perfect lighting and reflection conditions that are so necessary for the professional photography of different types of objects (like jewellery, precious stones, glasses, watches, coins etc). This automatic photo studio has a built-in lighting system and fully integrated software that replaces the most popular photo-editing programmes (such as Photoshop).

Professionals know that in photography lighting is the most important aspect. An integrated LED Power Lighting System with 20600 lumen is hidden in the small device - and replaces the traditional, well-equipped photographic studio. The lighting can be controlled automatically by advanced electronics, or manually, to take both artistic and advertising pack shots. When shooting precious stones like diamonds a source of precision lighting is required. Therefore the special varifocal Spot Lamp - attached to MICRO - will illuminate precisely, selected areas of the jewellery and allow you to get any effect you want.


MICRO is equipped with IQ Mask technology which automatically removes the background and allows you to work at speeds which are at least 150-times faster. The most common problem with the repeatability of images on websites and the re-setting of the angle of the camera has been resolved, because MICRO is also equipped with Auto-Cropp and Ghost Image technology. Algorithms automatically suggest the perspective of the previous image, recognize the size of the object, compare it to the previous image, trim it and then add the appropriate size margins. In this way, without human intervention, the painstaking work of product positioning and long hours of work with a graphics programme is removed, and we can still achieve high quality, consistent jewellery photography.

Anyone who is aware of the time necessary to produce high quality jewellery photography will be very impressed by the performance of MICRO: professional pack shots in 5 seconds and 360° views in 2.5 minutes.

All the technology which is included reduces the need for human involvement when shooting pictures to the minimum. A little training of an inexperienced employee who has not had any prior contact with photography will be sufficient for them to take over complete responsibility for creating high quality jewellery photography.  

And the most important benefit: costs. Purchasing MICRO Run on investment (ROI) is even after one photo session.

The small compact size and the nature of its all- in-one features means you can position ALPHASHOT MICRO next to generally available printers, photocopiers and other simple-to-use office equipment.

More on:  http://orbitvu.com/en/p/232/alphashot-micro#Description


ORBITVU has over 15 years experience in the sector. As a group, ORBITVU sold more than 100,000 different devices all over the world. Recently opened an sales office in Berlin and is currently investing in the development of new products and technologies. ORBITVU received 3 awards for innovation and has a European grant for innovation. Their products are 100 % designed and manufactured in the European Union.