17-19 June, ExCeL London

Internet World 2014

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17 Apr 2014

Linux Containers are an existing new technology, used in high-profile tools such as LXC and Docker. ElasticHosts IaaS offers cloud servers powered by either traditional virtualization or by containerization. This talk will introduce containers and explain their benefits over traditional virtualized servers.


ElasticHosts Ltd

17 Jun 2014

Google sees 3.3 billion searches per day; 500 million are new everyday which Google's never seen before. These new customers, using long-tail, non-branded phrases, don't know whom to buy from. See cases studies and learn how Big Data and machine learning deliver new customers and massive volumes of new sales


Long seen as an exciting but somewhat gimmicky technology, a step-change in Augmented Reality has brought Dulux consumers a step closer to experiencing what their room would look like in any colour before buying the paint. Learn how the brand launched this in over 30 markets on the same day.

AkzoNobel / Dulux

Personalised email content based on individual subscriber preferences is already widely used, but a quantified understanding of subscriber engagement is now emerging as a valuable new insight into past, current and most importantly future customer behaviour. This presentation explores some of the latest developments, applications and benefits of 'engagement' profiling.

founder and CEO

The accelerating pace of change in enterprise technology offers unprecedented opportunities ? and major stress ? for business and IT leaders alike. Business units seek to exploit new opportunities presented by emerging technologies, which has given rise to the 'Shadow IT' phenomenon and a broad proliferation of tools and suppliers in the enterprise. Obvious gains in short-term agility have been accompanied by longer-term architectural and sustainability challenges. At the same time, business stakeholders remain properly skeptical of whether their incumbent major platform vendors can deliver value for these emerging opportunities. Designed for enterprise architects, IT planners, and tech-savvy business leaders, this workshop will help you get out in front of emerging technologies. It will provide tools to help you proactively identify which technologies could bring the most business value to your specific environment, as well as arm you with the savvy to avoid common pitfalls. The session will examine the challenges and benefits of emerging technologies in segments where business and IT interests overlap ? and often come into conflict. Specifically, we'll look at: Social Collaboration Gamification and Innovation Cloud-based File Sharing Mobile Middleware Social Media Analytics You'll come away from this presentation with proven, test-based methodologies for evaluating and selecting vendors in fast-moving technology landscapes.

Managing Director
Real Story Group

This session teaches the fundamentals of metadata, including metadata definitions, standards, best practices, search, and the design of a Metadata Model / Schema. The content is tailored for newcomers who want to be empowered with the knowledge of how metadata can be the "foundation" for your content to facilitate discovery.

Optimity Advisors
Managing Director
DQM Group

Coming soon....

Product Director

Oakley Mobile creates mobile experiences that don't just meet the bar, but exceeds it. Alongside showcasing how we're empowering Internet World 2014 with augmented reality, we will be discussing how AR can be used as an engaging business tool. And what to be mindful of in the short-term & long-term.

Oakley Mobile

It's not enough to simply push out the information you want to tell your customers; you need to tune in to their thoughts to see what they're looking for and how they want to access it. We'll show you how to understand your users to boost conversions and foster loyalty.

Head of UX
Squiz UK Limited

The Hertfordshire Constabulary delivers high-speed broadband to the field. Integration of CradlePoint routers directly into the officer's vehicles allows 4G-LTE broadband to create mobile police stations. Mr. Notwell will share with the audience latest advances within the transportation market and the efficiencies that the Hertfordshire Constabulary is achieving.

Vice President, International

Build products in days, not months - without writing a single line of code! Optimize products, pricing and positioning with available Web data to ensure you have the competitive advantage!

CEO and Co-Founder

Synopsis - Join leading practitioners in a discussion about the upsides of marketing automation in the cloud: - Hear the critical success factors and risk controls that are involved - Learn about competing solutions and industry standards - Discuss your own concerns with key industry players.


Ecommerce SEO has predominantly been about getting as many products as possible indexed and visible within search engines. In order to perform organically; ecommerce businesses need to think like publishers, deciding on the best strategies to engage their audience and ensuring they have answers to questions during the consideration process.

Director of Search

Traditional lead gen is dead. Spray&pray e-mail tactics are a thing of the past. Marketing is no longer about investing in loads of promos and hoping a handful recipients convert. It's relational. Where can you find the real conversations, real connections, building trust and listening... where your customers work...Vertical Networks.

Director of Sales Enablement

What Women Want: Men have pondered over this since the beginning of time. Now, using Big Data, publishers gather audience insight to predict what people want. Acting on the insight through targeted advertising and content recommendations increases ad revenue, attracts subscribers and engages readers.

CEO and co-founder

With consumers now preferring to read digitally, the value of digital advertising has increased.Find out how publishers can identify topics without manual tagging; removing the need for editors to understand the commercial models attached to the content.The topic extraction engine can drive recommendations or push topics into a site's ad-platform.

Big Data Partnership

Are you using paid search correctly and keeping up with the latest developments? Attendees will: - Discover the benefits of adding extensions to ad copy. - Assess which bid multipliers they should be using. - Understand why to use features such as Google Shopping. - See how Cath Kidston utilise paid search and see successful results.


The Enterprise Mobile Experience Management marketplace has a broad range of vendors, from major infrastructure players (most of whom acquired small mobile software firms), to upstart competitors with innovative approaches. Which one is best for you? Join RSG's Mobility expert Theresa Regli for a fast-paced tour of the marketplace and a use-case methodology for identifying the right solutions for your enterprise.

Managing Director
Real Story Group

In order to be effective at content marketing, you need to get three things right: a smart strategy, excellent content creation, and solid technology. Adrienne and Ben will give practical tips to help businesses become effective at content marketing.

Director of Client Strategy
Axonn Media

understand how companies can go to the next stage in transforming their email marketing from a simplistic or ?batch and blast? approach to more sophisticated practices that delivers improved ROI.

Customer Success Director

Assessing the value of content has until now been a fragmented and basic process. However, as content strategy becomes a key pillar of any digital approach, now is the time to understand just how effective your digital content is at delivering against your business goals.

Head of Media and Analytics

Coming soon...


In this presentation you’ll discover a surprisingly simple, step-by-step conversion optimisation system laden with incredibly powerful benefits. Drawing upon never before seen case studies from some of the UK's biggest online retailers, Dan will reveal how to achieve an ROI of over 500% using tested and proven Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques.


AWA digital

mkodo, provider of global mobile gaming apps to major operators, will outline the challenges and solutions for delivering successful mCommerce apps.


The introduction of the new gTLDs will create an opportunity to extend brands' web presence, but at the same time inevitably fragment digital footprints, web traffic and ultimately affect online customer engagement strategies. Trademark owners will therefore need to adopt robust gTLD strategies to keep domain portfolios optimized and protected.

Director of Commercial

18 Jun 2014
Registration & Welcome Refreshments
Chair's Opening Remarks
Geoff  Connell
Director of ICT
London Boroughs of Newham & Havering

Exploiting London’s potential for economic progress and growth and developing its vision as

  •  An emerging centre for innovation
  • A growing platform for expansion and employment
  • An inspiring climate for young talent
Kit Malthouse
Deputy Mayor
Business and Enterprise

With frequent scientific breakthroughs and surrounded by new technologies the opportunity for disruptive change is all around us, this session is designed to show business leaders which technologies:

  • Inspire new strategies
  • Are rearranging value circles
  • Have the potential to bring new customers
  • Capable of completely disrupting the status quo
  • Require us to innovate our engagement processes
David Smith
Futurist & Chief Executive
GFF (Global Futures and Foresight)

For London to blossom into a global innovation hotspot, mimicking the likes of Boston and the Silicon Valley, businesses need a smart network granting them access to markets and to financial, research and inventive resources. Within this heterogeneous innovation ecosystem, large firms, technology and innovation centres, as well as an enterprising state can integrate and act as growth catalysts.

Now is the time for the UK to be ambitious, bold and enterprising. Disruptive technologies, business models and approaches to R&D are transforming health delivery, domestic energy, and finance. We must get a grip on developing smart cities with smart citizens whose smart businesses, tablets, and intelligent homes make everyone wealthier, more sustainable and healthier for longer.

Birgitte Andersen
Big Innovation Centre
Will Hutton
Big Innovation Centre
Networking Break & Refreshments

Every ecommerce company dreams to have the best service at each location and operate globally. It's a challenge to work across Europe and Asia. What should you know and do to operate in Europe with a focus on Russia profitably?

Essential Commerce

In today's world, social and mobile platforms have become a lifestyle. Smart companies know that customers will connect with them on smartphones before work, from computers during the day and from tablets in the evening. Offering customised mobile applications and support on social networking sites gives them a competitive advantage.

Creative Virtual

Coming soon../

Small Business Evangelist
Constant Contact

Authentication is the act of confirming the credentials of an entity, and it is a critical component of eBusiness. Authentication is currently done mostly by user credentials, but these have limitations in today's environment. According to researches; SaaS is growing exponentially, and many companies are emerging within this market.


When it comes to a website's content, one-size-fits-all doesn't cut it. Different users with different needs mean sites need to deliver a fantastic experience each time.

Managing Director
Funnelback Limited

Mobile has reprogrammed people's brains. Fact. Business must respond. Fact. People turn to the phone to satisfy every need. Fact. This interplay is growing and creating an increasing number of mobile moments which companies can use to create loyalty -- or which risk creating alienable shut out by a more nimble mobile competitor. Both entrepreneurial companies like Hailo and huge corporations like Nestle are winning in mobile moments. Are you? In this session, we will:

  • Show you the mobile mind shift: the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need
  • Describe how mobile moments define your new business opportunity and challenge
  • Reveal the new sales, marketing, product, and business model opportunities that mobile moments create
Josh Bernoff
The Mobile Mind Shift
VP/Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Watching, learning from and then applying consumer trends is at the heart of any successful B2C business: tech businesses included. trendwatching.com's Head of Trends and Insights, David Mattin, gives a fast download of the key trends fuelling consumer tech lust and changing the way consumers discover, share, create, decide and buy. Packed with examples from leading B2C brands from London to Lagos, this session will give attendees all the inspiration and insights needed to tap into and profit from the hottest current tech-fuelled consumer trends.

David Mattin
Head of Trends & Insight

Solocal will underline, through case studies and thought leadership, how your brand can take advantage of mobile to increase in-store footfall: - Hypertarget the customer to provide relevant push marketing - Be found in mobile search - Include mobile in your omnichannel strategy - Strengthen your reputation

Solocal Group

The presentation looks at the importance of integrating real people at each stage of the web development lifecycle to create intuitive user centred solutions

Project / Marketing Manager
Worthers Media Solutions

In this session, we will first start by understanding Apache Cassandra's open source architecture, and why this NoSQL database is able to support global organisations with their mission critical applications. The session will then move into evaluating Apache Cassandra in the Cloud key technology differentiators that make it a stand-out cloud database. Reviewing the best possible cloud database option for those needing to manage real-time analytic, and enterprise search data in a cloud environment.co

Senior Solution Architect

We all know snakes and ladders. Score positively and you progress up the ladder, hit a problem and you'll slide back down on a snake! Find out how Triggar is starting to make sense of the overwhelming volume of data business owners are faced with by gamifying the customer journey.

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